Digital Printing



    As a result of our company’s dynamic Hp Latex 320-850 printing machines, we are the most powerful and unique facility in the field of indoor digital printing in Asia Continent. Producing the best solutions for our customers that wish to contract both rapidity and quality all at once, our company is the only authorized printing center of HP technology in Turkey. In our production facility all designs are printed at best quality and without missing any details. Our printing quality has been improving every passing day so as to provide our business partners timely and quality service.

    For indoor printing types we render fast and high-quality services in Pp paper printing, satin printing, duratrans printing, canvas printing, foil printing, textile printing, poster preparing manufactured for interior materials, activity shows, pop materials, shopping malls advertisement shows and so many other products of selected brands.


    All of our outdoor printings that we believe are the new colors of the cities; are manufactured at our state-of-the-art HP technology machine park. Regardless of the weather conditions and application area in outdoor advertisement, our professional team works for the finest results. For all demands regarding outdoor advertisement areas, on-wall advertisings, on-car advertisings, we use blackout printing, transparent foil printing, cast foil printing, mesh printing, one way vision printing, illuminated and non-illuminated vinyl (canvas) printing, double sided illuminated vinyl (canvas) printing, billboard, clp (racket), megalight, lightbox, foil printing techniques.

    All of our outdoor printings are prepared under the control of our professional team. Taking the aim of being the best in the world regarding outdoor advertising, our team draws attention through their high quality outdoor application services. On account of its quickness in supply and production as well as the service quality with its wide range of HP machines, Berr Media and Advertising has accomplished to be the pride of our country in a short span of time.